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February 16, 2023
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Brands that do not make an effort to change consumer preferences run the risk of becoming obsolete or irrelevant. In reality, the most well-known firms today would not be where they are now if they had chosen to forgo refreshes.

Apple is a good example. It is by far the best at repeatedly renaming itself. In the 1990s, Apple was on the verge of leaving the computer industry. Apple, however, decided to modernize its logo in order to demonstrate how its brand image has changed.

Even though it wasn’t the only modification it made, this specific change signaled a fresh beginning for Apple. Today, with its widespread recognition, Apple is among the most recognizable brands. Apple’s expansion is comparable to how fast CenturyLink Internet Plans are.

How do you determine the best course of action for your customer if you want to make a change? Here, we will talk about how to revamp your company’s image to keep it in line with current consumer preferences.

Let’s start!

What is a Brand Refresh?

When a brand’s identity needs to be systematically adjusted to reflect current market developments, a brand research area is established.

In all honesty, it is much riskier for a company to remain static than to make an effort to change in a market that is always shifting. As market trends come and go, firms must refresh their brand identity.

Here are some changes that firms can do to renew their brand:

  • Brand Slogan
  • Font
  • Color Scheme
  • Writing Style

A brand makeover occasionally requires more than just changing the font or logo, though. Some businesses may need to make significant changes if they want to stay competitive, and at that point, they should think about renaming the company.

You can, of course, do more thorough research with the help of a fast-enough internet such as the one offered in CenturyLink Internet Deals.

What is the Difference between a Brand Refresh and Rebranding?

Businesses attempt to modernize their image during a brand refresh without needing to alter their strategy and identity. Rebranding, on the other hand, happens when a brand decides to totally revamp its identity and strategy as a result of its brand strategy.

You might need to make the following fundamental adjustments while rebranding.

  • Brand Values
  • Brand Mission
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Guidelines

Not only do these modifications take a lot of time, but they are also expensive. Additionally, before any changes are put into effect, the management must authorize them. Let’s examine how to develop a brand refresh strategy instead if you want to make improvements for your company right away.

Brand Refresh Strategy

We’ve included some tips to help you create an effective brand refresh strategy. Having said that, you must make sure that each action suits the needs and demographics of your firm.

Determine Your Need for a Rebrand or Brand Refresh

It may be that a client expressed a wish to rebrand, but before you start rebranding them, it’s crucial to understand the motivation. If the client does not have a good or convincing justification, you should look into other options.

Why is this important? Rebranding, however, entails much more than just changing the font or the logo. Companies must be prepared to reconstruct their corporate vision, which incorporates the organization’s mission, values, culture, and goals.

Successful rebranding requires a significant investment of time, money, and effort, and if you are not totally dedicated, you will be left with a vaguely defined brand that has no distinct advantage over its rivals.

As a result, you must decide whether a brand refresh will be enough or whether you need to completely rebrand the company.

Team Brainstorming

Let’s be real. Refreshing a brand calls for teamwork. For this reason, it’s vital to hold brainstorming sessions with your team to come up with fresh concepts. You must choose which aspects of your company can be strengthened to attract additional clients.

For instance, if you are an ISP such as CenturyLink, changing your brand slogan will allow you to market affordable home phone service to your target market.

Here are some examples of how to alter some of the elements:

  • Logo: Add a contemporary touch to your logo to make it stand out.
  • Brand Slogan: New brand slogans ought to communicate the needs of the market.
  • Font: Your font should be recognizable, readable, appropriate, and universally accessible.

Use Social Media to Reach Out to Your Audience

Additionally, you might need to soft-launch your brand refresh with improved UI/UX. Leveraging social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is crucial for business owners.

Social media marketing is a fantastic approach to informing your audience of any impending changes and soliciting their opinions. Being active on social media sites will help you gather data, and you should also take your audience’s feedback into account.

Not Everything Can Be Changed Immediately

As opposed to a quick change of course, a lengthier, more deliberate rollout is nearly always the preferred choice. Not only will you allow your staff time to adapt, but you’ll also be able to address any concerns and queries before the change is implemented.

Additionally, as it takes time for individuals to form new habits, this will allow your workers to become used to the new procedure and gradually phase out the old one in a more natural way.

Final Comments

Begin with something simple, such as altering the font on the documents. You must give your audience enough time to respond. Keep an eye out for the response and make any necessary adjustments.

Additionally, you should consider your viewers’ emotions while making adjustments because this will influence how they view your brand. If you notice that there is an excessive amount of criticism, you should speak with the audience to identify the major issues and determine whether you can make the necessary improvements.

Now, if you are certain that you want to refresh your brand, we hope you will take all we have said in this article into consideration.

All the best!

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